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Enhance Your Space with Outdoor Kitchen Design - Austin, TX, Residents Deserve the Best

Whether you have a patio or not, you want to create the perfect outdoor living area for your Austin home. It’s important to think about what you can do to make life easier.

An outdoor kitchen might be the best solution, and it’s essential to choose the right company for the job. Atlas Outdoor Kitchen can help you. Request your free quote by calling (512) 368-2221 or continue reading to learn more about our process.

Our Process for Outdoor Kitchen Designs

You might think it’s easy to create an outdoor kitchen in Austin, but there are many things involved. Our process includes these steps:

1. Design

You must first meet with the designer to discuss your needs. Will you be putting an outdoor kitchen on the patio? Sharing your dream ideas will help us ensure you’re satisfied with the results. We can also assist with financing issues and finalize the agreement.

2. Prepare the Space

There are many steps involved to prepare the patio or other space for the outdoor kitchen. We will also help you determine which materials you require, get the necessary permits, and create a schedule that meets your needs.

3. Build the Outdoor Kitchen

Once you agree with the plan, we will start the installation of your outdoor kitchen. This includes updating you on what’s happening and performing regular inspections to ensure things are done correctly.

4. Enjoy Your New Outdoor Living Space

It’s time to start inviting people to your house. Grilling will be much more fun, and we will also help with maintenance and provide you with warranty information.

Choose Atlas Outdoor Kitchen for Your Outdoor Dining Area

Are you ready to experience the beauty of an outdoor kitchen? We can help you bring your project ideas to life. View our project gallery for more information. Call (512) 368-2221 today to schedule your free consultation!

Cook Professional Working in Outdoor Kitchen


What Steps Are Involved in Designing an Outdoor Kitchen?

The steps used for designing an outdoor kitchen include:

  1. Design the kitchen to enhance your outdoor space.

  2. Prepare the outdoor space for the build.

  3. Build the outdoor kitchen, either on your existing patio or elsewhere.

  4. Ensure you’re satisfied with the outdoor kitchen.

There are multiple layouts for outdoor kitchens. We’ll discuss some of them below:

  • Linear – This type of outdoor kitchen is in a straight line and often goes along the back side of your home.

  • Galley – This is like a corridor, so there’s a space to walk, with items on either side.

  • L-Shaped – This often has one area for cooking and another for food prep. Storage options are on both sides.

  • Triangle – This ensures that the sink, food storage, and outdoor kitchen appliances are an equal distance from each other using a triangular shape.

  • U-Shaped – This layout is ideal for larger outdoor kitchens and offers more counter space.

Improving your outdoor living space with a kitchen is a great idea. You can transform your own backyard and cook effortlessly for your family. However, choosing the right materials can be challenging. Here are a few ideas:

  • Stainless steel

  • Tile

  • Natural stone

  • Brick

Outdoor kitchens are a growing trend in Round Rock and Austin, TX. Before creating one, it’s wise to understand your budget with these tips:

  • Analyze your backyard to determine if you have room for an outdoor kitchen area. If you own a covered patio, we can work with that.

  • Research your options and consider the many materials and features available. You’ll probably want a grill to cook, but you may also need a dishwasher and other amenities your indoor kitchen offers.

  • Hire the right professional for installation. A custom outdoor kitchen has many components, and you want to ensure everything is done correctly.

The price of an outdoor kitchen can range from $2,000 to $40,000. Basic setups will be less expensive, though you can have an elaborate design that might cost more.
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