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Hire a Pergola Builder - Austin Residents Deserve the Best

Have you noticed the beautiful pergolas your neighbors own? You can have one for your backyard, too! When you hire Atlas Outdoor Kitchens, you’ll have some of the top pergola experts in the area to ensure that you have sturdy and stable structures for your outdoor space.

Whether you want to use wood, iron, or aluminum, we can assist. In fact, you’ll work closely with a pergola builder who understands your needs and cares about you.

Austin pergolas are popular because they can improve your living area, are easy to set up, and are generally affordable.

Let us help you design and build an Austin pergola that meets all your needs. Call (512) 368-2221 to request a free quote today.

What Is an Austin Pergola?

Austin pergolas, also called lattices, trellises, and arbors, are versatile structures designed to provide shade while maintaining an airy feel. Ultimately, they’re perfect for outdoor spaces.

When you work with Austin pergola builders, you’ll enjoy partial sun blockage, shade, and professional installation.

Update Your Outdoor Living Space

Business owners and homeowners in Austin, TX, usually use a kit to get the best pergola design without spending much money. However, it might be wise to customize your outdoor space.

Our pergola company will walk you through the entire process and ensure you’re satisfied with the results.

Effective and Cost-Efficient

Improving your outdoor space is important, and our Austin, TX, pergola builders can help you. Whether you hope to spend more time outside or want to expand your living area, we will assist.

The Best Pergola Design

There are countless pergola designs for those in Austin, TX. They will beautify your yard, and we offer quality craftsmanship and affordable prices.

Our pergola company has over a decade of experience and can help you enhance your outdoor living area. Pergola installation doesn’t have to be challenging.

What pergola design will you choose? We will help you build it.

Why Choose Atlas Outdoor Kitchen

Our pergola builders are experts and understand the intricacies of building such a structure. From choosing appropriate materials to having the tools required for pergola installation, we have to consider many factors.

If you plan to buy a kit, we can walk you through the process. However, our expertise lies in pergola design. Austin, TX, homeowners often prefer customized options, and we will work hard to ensure you achieve your goals.

With so many pergola designs, it can be hard to choose. We will help you and offer full customer satisfaction.

You Deserve the Best Austin Pergola Services

It’s easy to find appropriate materials for your pergola projects when you work with us. Our Austin, TX, company offers many options, so you can customize everything to achieve the perfect pergola design.

When you need quality pergola construction, it’s time to call us. Dial (512) 368-2221 to start on your project today.

We Can Help You Build a Custom Pergola Design

We focus on quality and attention to detail, which ensures you get the perfect pergola design. Our pergola builders ensure that your building experience is positive; you’ll have a nice addition to the property.

Allow our team to assist with your pergola construction needs.

Our Austin Pergolas Are Designed to Last

Austin pergolas aren’t just ideal for summer use; they’re great all year long!

Pergola construction lets you enjoy the backyard in all weather conditions. You’ll get shade on hot days and protection from storms.

Are you searching for the perfect pergola design? We can help you bring your dreams to life.

Start Your Pergola Construction Today

When you choose our pergola company, you will enhance your outdoor living area. Whether you choose wood, aluminum, or steel, it’s easy to transform your backyard into an oasis.

Our team can handle pergola construction of any sort. Please call (512) 368-2221 to start your project today. We’ll ensure you find the perfect pergola design.

FAQs About Pergola Installation

There are six different types of pergolas:

  • Freestanding – Freestanding pergola designs stand alone and can be a landscaping element. They’re detached from the house and are ideal if you want an outdoor living space away from the home.

  • Attached – This type of pergola is attached to one home wall. It’s suitable to cover the patio or deck area beside the house. Ultimately, you’ll have an outdoor living space that extends your inside rooms.

  • Arched—Most pergolas feature a flat roof, but arched tops are also popular. They can create a more elegant and unique outdoor living area.

  • Louvered – Louvered pergolas feature movable louvers. You can open and close them, allowing less or more sunlight into the outdoor living space.

  • Awning – Awning pergolas stand against the wall and don’t require posts or columns for support. You can install them over a door, window, or garage for more shade.

When choosing an outdoor structure like a pergola, it’s essential to focus on these factors:

  • Purpose – What do you plan to get from your Austin pergola? Will it be a place for the family to dine outside? Do you host significant events and want an entertainment zone for your outdoor space?

  • Materials – Wood is the most common material for a custom pergola design because of its rustic charm. However, many other options exist, such as fiberglass, metal, steel, aluminum, and vinyl.

  • Pergola Design—The pergola design you choose depends on many factors. Do you want it to be freestanding or attached? Where do you want it to sit?

  • Shade – An Austin pergola typically has slats, which provide shade. You can also purchase retractable shades or a shade cloth to cover it, which offers a better accent. Deck design elements should also be considered to ensure continuity.

Your Austin pergola builders can customize the outdoor structure to meet your home’s needs. Here are a few ideas to help you:

  • Shady Outdoor Living Space – Having shade in your outdoor space will make it easier for you to enjoy nature, and our pergola designs will help you achieve your goals.

  • Over a Hot Tub – A pergola built over a hot tub will keep the area cooler. Since you’re getting heated up from the water, you’ll find this the best solution.

  • Fire Pit – Pergola installation around a fire pit ensures that you can enjoy your outdoor living space year-round, especially in the evening.

  • Outdoor Kitchen – If you frequently entertain in the summer, it’s wise to choose quality construction services for pergola installation around the outdoor kitchen.

  • Workout Space – Pergola projects are suitable for all types of situations. Create a Zen-like outdoor space for yoga, Pilates, or more strenuous workouts.

When focused on materials to use for pergola construction, we offer many options that will meet your preferences and needs. Here are a few of them:

  • Wood – Redwood and cedar offer a rustic charm; you can stain or paint the material to match your house. However, this pergola design will require more maintenance because of the heat and humidity in Austin, TX. You’ll need to repaint or restain it periodically and will have to watch for wood rot and insect infestation.

  • Vinyl and Aluminum – Aluminum and vinyl are ideal choices for pergola design. Though they don’t have the same rustic charm as wood, they require less maintenance and are more durable for the Austin climate.

We can help you choose the right pergola design to meet your budget, maintenance expectations, and aesthetic requirements.

It’s hard to say how long it will take before you can enjoy our perfect pergola designs.

In most cases, our pergola builders in Austin, TX, will work eight to nine hours daily, so it should take two to three days. However, it depends on the weather and many other factors.

If you request our pergola construction services, we will assess your outdoor spaces and offer a time frame we can handle.

The price of an outdoor kitchen can range from $2,000 to $40,000. Basic setups will be less expensive, though you can have an elaborate design that might cost more.
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